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The 5 Club, Israel Classic & Collectible Vehicles Club (ICCVC)
The 5 Club, The Israeli Classic & Collectible Vehicles Club, is a non-profit association.
It was officially founded in early May 1985, by the Israel Drivers Union, with the intention of
organizing the owners of antique and classic vehicles. The Club's goals are to:
1) Promote in Israel the preservation, nurture, reconstruction, restoration and reconditioning
of classic vehicles.
2) Raise the consciousness and encourage the preservation of these vehicles in Israel;
3) Establish a framework for exchange of information;
4) Have meetings and activities in Israel and abroad;
5) Promote safe-driving education, and the fight against traffic accidents.
The 5 Club name stems from the time of its founding, when vehicles older than 25 years
carried a 5 digit license plate in Israel.
In late October 2000, the 5 Club was accepted as a member of FIVA, the international
organization for historical vehicles, and acts on behalf of FIVA, as an ANF (FIVA National
Authority) for Israel.
The 1,000 members of the 5 Club own more than 5,000 cars and 500 motorcycles, most of
which are defined by local law as "collectible vehicles"; that is, more than 30 years old. They
are forbidden on the roads between 7am and 9am from Sunday through Thursday, except for
holidays. Such vehicles must pass a road worthiness test only once a year (as opposed to 6
months for "regular" old cars), performed by an authorized garage, according to a checking
certificate. Most of these vehicles in Israel are between 30 to 90 years old, and are driven by
experienced, veteran motorists. Because of their age, these vehicles are preventively
maintained at a high standard, mainly used as a hobby and therefore benefit from reduced
road taxes and insurance fees.
The 5 Club activities throughout the country include public display of the results of its
members’ devotion through shows and rallies.
Among the achievements of the 5 Club in Israel are:
*The definition by the local law of the "Collectible Vehicle" status.
*The reduction by 75% in payment for a collectible vehicle obligatory insurance, and a
reduction by 75% in payment for the collectable vehicle road tax fee.
*The intensified exposure of antique and classic vehicles in the written and electronic media,
public awareness of the preservation of these vehicles, and the possibilities of importing
them to Israel.

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